Monitor Ethereum-based tokens in Binance

Cointalkr is a tools to help trader that focus on Binance trading, which can help trader:

- Track coin that go in and out of Binance (may spot dump and pump signals)

- Check what is going on with top value wallet on Binance

- Follow list of twitter and youtube channel of crypto Influencers

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Feeds from crypto influencers in Twitters and Youtube is regualrly updated and can be searched


Real information can be tracked via


Sometime twitter image profile disappear

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Thanks a lot for your review!



First tool using Telegram to login


Need more coins, token not just Ethereum based tokens

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Thank you 😄
Pros: - Number can be tracked via - User login via Telegram Cons: - More reports is to be developed - Add raw number of token instead of Value in US dollar Hi everyone, if you think this product is valuable, please give me some feedback to make it more useful to you guys. Thank you!