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CoinPride Club is a weekly cryptocurrency newsletter curated by a human being.

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Greetings, kitties πŸ‘‹ We live in a wonderful world: machines do all the routine for us. They find music and movies for us, book taxi drives and flights and help us to pay bills. But - alas! - there is still no smart enough machine to send the most important news from a specific industry. There are some scripted pseudo-smart solutions that either too overwhelming or miss important stuff 😐 That is why human-crafted newsletters will live a long life. CoinPride Club is my solution for the ones who want to be in the crypto course. I personally pick 7 the most important Bitcoin-industry news & events and send them in a weekly newsletter. See this email sample to instantly get into it. If you want to keep an eye on crypto spending as little time as possible, then CoinPride Club is your choice. P.S.: Many thanks to @bentossell of for the hunt πŸ’– Also kudos to Tim Holman for the canvas animation. P.P.S.: Those of you who want to discuss the news I welcome to my cryptocurrency forum:
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