Create your own cryptocurrency in less than 30 seconds

CoinGenerator is an open-source command line tool which allows you to create your own proof of stake cryptocurrency with its blockchain.

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Why your own crypto? Just a few use cases: - Build a local currency for your city - Build an asset management system for your company - Build an internal bonus system for your employees - Integrate blockchain to your existing product (e.g. to create a gamification ecosystem for your app)
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I wanted to create my own cryptocurrency to integrate it into my product ( but soon I realized that there are not many resources to help to build an energy efficient coin (proof of stake). So we decided to create this open-source tool which enables you to make your own cryptocurrency with its blockchain in less than a few minutes.
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Looks really nice guys! I'm gonna try it.
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The fact that it is using proof of stake makes the big difference in this generator. To understand the different consensus systems used in cryptocurrencies I recommend this article:


- Fast and easy

- Proof of Stake: environment friendly

- Running on your own blockchain

- Tutorial Step by Step available


- License makes you give 10% of the coins

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10% seems steep lol, is there any alternatives to this service though?
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Wow. Ok, it took me a bit more than 30’’, maybe a minute, but it’s awesome! Keep up the good work guys, I like the YOLO coin ☝️
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