Crypto Market Analysis, Investment stats & Price Predictions

CoinCheckup is the go to Crypto Comparison site, with functionality like:

- Fundamental analysis of top 400+ crypto coins;

- Investment stats of top 400+ crypto coins;

- Keeping track of all your favourite coins in a simple overview;

- Coins by coin category;

- Coin screener to filter cryptocurrencies on your specs.

- Coin news sorted per coin

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  • Raluca Paduraru
    Raluca PaduraruHR Manager | Nexibeo

    CoinCheckup .com is the go to site for all your crypto information.


    I would like to have even more awesome features, like coin comparison. Can't wait for them to be released.

    With great features like the coin analysis, which gives insights into the business behind the coin; price predictions, which uses different trends such as the growth of internet to predict growth scenarios for coins' price, coin screener and many others, I found CoinCheckup to be a great tool for initiating me in the crypto-space. I highly recommend it.

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Wow, this looks really impressive. Seems to have a much more extensive feature set than existing popular tools (like coinmarketcap). Are new coins added automatically or manually?
@dfinzer Big Thanks! Currently, we add them manually on a weekly basis because we have to research every coin manually before we add it to the site. Feel free to share CoinCheckup on your socials ;-)
Whoa! that's lots of information regarding each coin! Covers so many things - looks like a one stop solution. Organizing a little more to simplify and provide better experience would definitely place you in the league of coinmarketcap & cryptocompare.