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CoinBlick is a news-focused mobile Crypto App. With the power of AI, we analyze over 30 news sites, 500+ twitter profiles, and 300+ subreddits daily to enable readers to focus on the most important Crypto News of the day. Android version launching soon!
  • Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom

    News resource for crypto world.


    Why didn't you mention Cryptocurrency News?

    Didn't mention They have more reliable resources.

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  • Pros: 

    It's great initiative, provides a clean interface and some nice graphs. You see what's trending on Reddit and Twitter.


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    It's a great app, with plenty of features with a detail here or there to be improved.

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Rafael Rocha
Rafael Rocha@raphs_rocha · Software Developer @ quantilope, GmbH
A very promising product if you want to keep yourself on top of the game with some sweet, updated and easy to read Crypto News app! Couldn't recommend it enough!
Faris Brni
Faris BrniMaker@farisbrni · Software Engineer
@raphs_rocha Thanks Rafael, Hope that CoinBlick helps you as it is helping me!
Cristian Jazhiel Sanchez
Cristian Jazhiel Sanchez@cristianst · JS Evangelist
This is is really simple and great to quickly look into the most important stuff of the day. I like also how it’s indicating the sentiment of every article. A lot of potential in terms of usability and features! Great start!
Faris Brni
Faris BrniMaker@farisbrni · Software Engineer
@cristianst Thanks Christian. What you say means a lot to me!
Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh@debarati_ghosh · HR Manager
May I get all updated cryto news in this platform ?
Faris Brni
Faris BrniMaker@farisbrni · Software Engineer
@debarati_ghosh What do you have in mind? Are there news sources you're missing?
Faris Brni
Faris BrniMaker@farisbrni · Software Engineer
Hi Product Hunt, many thanks for letting me post my first product here after being a member for 3 years. I'm really happy and proud to announce the CoinBlick iOS version to the community today. It was 9 hard months being fully employed and working on this great side project. 🎉🎉🎉 CoinBlick is an aggregator for Crypto News. I implemented an AI that looks for the most important articles on Crypto and analyses their sentiment, to provide an indicator of how important, positive or negative an article is. That basically came from my own pain of being a cryptocurrency investor myself and not being able to parse all the news coming in daily. Besides that, there was no app providing a beautiful, native, and nice user experience for reading crypto news. That's why I decided to build CoinBlick and help also others to digest the huge amount of news daily. To summarize the features quickly: - Automated Sentiment Analysis - News from all your favorite Websites - Most important tweets and Reddit submissions - Reactions and Bookmarks on articles - Comprehensive Chart Analysis - Notifications about most trending articles The backlog of features is growing from day to day and CoinBlick is not final yet. It's just the first iteration and I would like to hear your opinion if you like it and what should I work on next. Please comment below: 👇👇👇
An idea for a feature: it would be nice to use RSS feeds.
Faris Brni
Faris BrniMaker@farisbrni · Software Engineer
@leo_grade Hi Leo, thank you for your suggestions. Including your own rss is on the roadmap already!