Coinbase Commerce

Accept BTC, ETH & other digital currencies in your business


Coinbase Commerce is a platform to accept multiple digital currencies with ease through a fully customizable integration.

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Future Founder

I see posts on Reddit and Twitter about Coinbase's horrible Customer Support nearly weekly. It's a shame that they are launching a new product when people can't even get their money out of Coinbase.


Cool idea!


Coinbase's support team has been overwhelmed for over a year. How can they support a new product too when they can't support their old one?

Fullstack JavaScript Developer
"Coinbase's support team has been overwhelmed for over a year. How can they support a new product too when they can't support their old one" <--- my sentiments exactly
More like daily and not weekly
True story! Worst customer service I've ever dealt with.
They have a customer service team at Coinbase?
Chief Thinker-Upper,

Like other have mentioned, easy entry into crypto but high fees and multiple times not being able to use the platform coupled with almost non-existant support having to wait weeks to get a response that doesn't even address your question. It's nice they want to add new features for us but they need to first be able to support the existing features and user base.


Easy, Entry Level


Expensive, Understaffed support

OfficeTogether CEO, hybrid office champ

[Disclosure: I am an engineer on the Coinbase Commerce team]

Coinbase Commerce's non-custodial payment processor is so exciting, especially for merchants with customers around the world. I can sell my e-books or accept donations across all borders plus it's free to use! Super excited that Coinbase is offering this product free of charge to build up the crypto ecosystem.


no one can steal my funds! so easy to set up and no middle man


no auto-conversion to fiat yet. bitcoin network fees are still $3+

Strive to build kickass web platforms

For me Coinbase helped me jump on board on crypto. They have different mechanisms for security which was awesome so basically it made me fell very safe when doing my first purchase. However the fees were scandalous. I bought 30 USD in crypto and after the initial purchase and sending them to a personal wallet I ended up with 23 USD in bitcoin at the end.

So if you're new and are afraid go for it but I would rather recommend bit panda who just recently introduced Segwit which dramatically reduces fees.


Best alternative for crypto newbies


Insanely high fees

CEO - Cointaxes

My team at applied for access with a use-case for the service and we were quickly granted a log-in. Excited to get it implemented in our site shortly.


Enables accepting digital currency on your platform

Able to create multiple products

Straight forward and easy to implement

Highly secure!


Requires use of a third party wallet for withdrawals (Jaxx)


I am not using it for a long time, but as for me, it is really great


Great idea


I haven't found yet

Software Architect

Coinbase Commerce has a pleasing UI and it's easy to get started.

The first things it recommends after verifying your email are to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and to backup your recovery wallet with the recovery words.

Unfortunately, there's no Dogecoin support... This is the Year of the Dog(e), and in this day/age I expect to be able to wag my tale with support of my favourite currency.

Sorry, but Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency I will accept funds in... at 1D=1D, it's the only stable currency.


Support for 4 of the major cryptos, MFA, pleasant UI


No dogecoin support

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no way to tell what the cost benefit analysis for this simply because the relevant information is hidden until you've signed up, then its still unclear. This more like a vague promise rather than a product.


possibility of receiving payments


unclear options, expensive, poor support

engineer, freelancer

Probably, very interesting app


Useful for trading


Not find yet