Coin (iOS)

One credit card to rule them all

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Eric Metelka
@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
The problem I have with the app is the same reason I never preordered a Coin card - it doesn't support Chip & Pin which is set to become the US standard next year and is already a standard in most international countries. In a recent interview, the founder of Coin dismissed the need to innovate for Chip & Pin. He may have been being coy about future … See more
Paul Gambill
@paulgambill · Co-founder of You Enjoy My Stickers
The morse code tap to unlock (as opposed to a pin) is an interesting design choice. I was listening to music while I set my tap code, so hopefully I can remember it. I haven't seen yet how they deal with forgotten tap codes.
@mzuvella · Marketing @OnsideSports
Surprised this wasn't on PH sooner...excited to use this if it ever launches.
Max Wendkos
@maxwendkos · Product Designer + Other Things
Trying to add a card, but I can't because the small amount that Coin supposedly charged to my account hasn't posted. My only way out of the screen I'm stuck on now is to cancel and lose all of the information that I entered. Very frustrating. EDIT: Apparently my patience has a one-hour time limit. Just deleted the Coin app. Not sure that it really added an… See more
Adam Sigel
@adamsigel · PM @LastPass, Creator @bosproduct
I don't understand why I'm asked to take a picture of the front and back of my cards, then enter the information manually, and then Coin presents me a generic version of each card by brand. I carry two Visa cards (debit and credit), and I can recognize them VERY easily in my wallet since they look completely different. Not so much with Coin.