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I couldn't find a non-hackish way to get a daily email with cryptocurrency rates, so I made one myself.


Shadi Halloun
Matteo Francia
  • Matteo Francia
    Matteo FranciaSoftware Developer

    The idea, very useful IMHO


    Rates are only available in $, no € ratings available.

    I have been looking for a service like this for quite a bit...I'd prefer something more euro-friendly 😅

    Matteo Francia has never used this product.


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dori @doriadar · creative director, tabtale
That's great! I've been looking for something like this.
Shadi Halloun
Shadi Halloun@shadihalloun · Founder @
Perfect. Are you planning to add a column with the market cap?
Ohad Ron
Ohad RonMaker@ohadisohad · Wantrepreneur
@shadihalloun Good idea. On it! 😁
Ohad Ron
Ohad RonMaker@ohadisohad · Wantrepreneur