Smart appointment & time scheduling platform

If you offer a service to customers Cogsworth will ensure your appointments run smoothly, letting them book at convenient times for the service they need, plus other features.

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Hey @boris_gefter tell us more about the Cogsworth system and its use cases, thanks!
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@abadesi thanks so much for the question. Here are three possible use cases: 1. Imagine you are a hairdresser running a busy salon with three more casual hairdressers working for you. All of them have different schedules. Your salon is pumping and you hardly have time to get on phone calls or answer emails to book people in for their appointments. You also don't want to have to remind people of their appointments and have no shows. Cogsworth helps by syncing with your calendar, and the calendar of your staff. You set working hours, set the services that you would like to be made available online. Then simply publish your booking page to your website. Your customers and new customers can now book you directly without having to call. When they book, the appointment gets synced to your calendar or that of your staff. You can see staff capacity, and you can set automatic reminders of the appointments. And avoid no shows. Cogsworth is proven to save over 3 hours a month for such service orientated businesses. 2. You are a personal assistant who sets hundreds of appointments on monthly basis for your CEO or manager. You have to email your meeting attendants several times to confirm a time, lock down a location and garner availability. No longer! Now, you can sync Cogsworth with you manager's calendar, create services such as a 15 minute meeting or a 60 minute lunch catch-up that are in specific times of the day, and send out a link to people wanting to book time. These people get to view your charge's availability for that particular service and book time when they know they are free. Make meetings simple, fast and easy! 3. You run a consultancy online. You regularly meet on skype or google hangouts or zoom. You need clients to just book you from your email signatures, from your website or from a range of online portals where you list your expertise. Literally, create services you want, sync with you calendar (google or microsoft), then share the link. Cogsworth takes care of the rest! Thanks so much for your question Abadesi :)
Hey Boris, nice product! Do you support links to specific services?
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@andrewpatel10 yes we do! You can create as many services as you want and then when you click on the individual services, there is a direct URL to the booking page for that service, which you can share and embed :) Thanks for the comment.
Hi @boris_gefter this is interesting, I'm currently looking for a booking system for a client. What is the roadmap for payments? Also, as always it's complicated to find solutions in Italian, will Cogsworth support multilanguage or some sort of personalization through all the steps of a booking?
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@mrdobelina thanks for the question! Payments via stripe is on the roadmap for this year, most likely in the second half. Right now, we are focusing on GDPR compliance. We want to be the first booking system to be compliant. Regarding the Italian, really good feature request. A native translation right now is not in the roadmap for the next 12 months. However, would Google translate be an adequate enough solution for you? If so, you can use it out of the chrome browser now, and we can look to integrate it more organically sooner. Really appreciate your questions Filippo!
@boris_gefter Thanks for you reply! I understand regarding payments. About the translation, unfortunately, the Chrome solution wouldn't be enough in my case. Acuity does a good job in that since they let you customize with your copy every step of the process. Try to give it a look I think this might be a "faster" solution to integrate and let your customer adapt the booking system to their needs without actually have you do all the translation job.
@mrdobelina super awesome suggestion man. I will check them out. So they let you adapt copy on the front end or on the backend too?
@boris_gefter correct, they have a sort of WYSIWYG that let you customize every word/phrase in the process, only in the frontend — here's a link
@mrdobelina very good of you to bring this feature to my attention. Definitely will take this and make it better for Coggy soon. Much love!
Feels like you need a price tier that sits between $0 and $39 - might be worth thinking about.
@nancystinson4 good observation. Will definitely create one around $9 per month. Thanks for your input!
Noticed you are using auth0 for login and signup, can you authorise the calendars when people signup?
@margaretdunn687 if by "athorise calendars" you mean make it not necessary to syc the calendar independently of logging in, believe we should be able to do this. @woloski perhaps you could advise? Really helpful tool. :) Thanks for the comment!