Connected smart toys that learn and grow with a child.

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Thanks @sethlouey! We are very excited to introduce CogniToys to all you Hunters! CogniToys are internet connected smart toys built for kids growing up in the digital age. We are using some of the most advanced technology available to include IBM Watson to give kids a fun, personalized learning experience tailored just for them. The Dinos personality is fun but witty with a ton of educational content that is continually being updated by our team of content writers. We are excited about the educational intelligence but also building out an emotional intelligence as well. The dino will introduce knock knock jokes if a kid says they are mad and we've also built out meditation/relaxation modules. The app that comes with the dino allows parents to set a bedtime - where it will only play bedtime stories when its time to go to sleep. The next evolution is the introduction of a parent panel where we will display learning and engagement metrics to parents. We've had a ton of fun building this out and learned so much along the way. We are an ambitious team is this is just the beginning. Hope you love it!
Imagine a toy that gets smarter with your child's skill level? CogniToys are smart devices in toy form, tailored just for kids to provide an educational and entertaining experience without the need for a screen. Also, it's a DINOSAUR!!! 🙌
I love the concept specially because you make the dino "alive" by using IBM Watson. Nice job, keep it up!
@littlepandaatje Thanks! Watson and some of our own tech concoctions :) We will happily take all the credit for the jokes :)
This is an amazing toy and a fun way to use IBM's Watson power in the kids learning process. It has many possibilities, good luck.
@germancastano We agree! There are actually some really good use cases outside of kids products that we are exploring.
@donald_coolidge The spanish version could be a possibility?
@germancastano In time if we get enough traction with English. If we do another language Spanish would be a top choice.