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CRM powered by Blockchain

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Cogmento CRM is fully featured customer relationship management software for your business. Priced fairly. Free Trial no credit card required.. Get great enterprise features for a fraction of the cost, CRM for the web, on Android and iOS.

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    Simply, reliably and easy to use.


    I still have not detected anything serious that I can report.

    Cogmento is the first CRM system based on blockchain technology. In addition to being the first to provide an application package for businesses and consumers. Cogmento is customer relationship management software and will serve to manage your business much more simply, reliable and easy to use. I hope the cost of the software is reduced so that more people have access to this amazing system.

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  • Vasiliy

    The first CRM system of the next generation, as well as various applications for enterprises operating on the blockchain basis.


    Everything is perfectly done

    Сogmento was founded back in 2003 and the team has extensive experience in the cloud and the team decided to take the next step and start moving from the cloud to fully distributed applications for enterprises using the blockchain. Cogmento will be the first to provide a package of applications for businesses and consumers. COGS tokens are very similar to coins for slot machines, but in this case you put your tokens into applications and run them, for example, CRM, e-commerce, AI and BI analytics, or anything else of your choice. At the proper level, the cost of software should be reduced to a minimum cost. The project is very very promising and I am 100% confident in its future success, join the project !!!

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Cog Mento
Cog MentoHunter@cogmento · Cogmento CRM
Cogmento CRM - next generation CRM powered by blockchain. Enterprise software doesn't have to be expensive.
Kush Naskar
Kush Naskar@kush_naskar
Very interesting and exceptional project
Reha Kripto
Reha Kripto@reha_kripto
very successful planned successful project. I'm thinking of promising. I would recommend it to everyone.
It very Good project
Carl Cunningham
Carl Cunningham@carl_cunningham
I'm still interested in learning more about this project.