Codiva is an online code compiler and IDE for C, C++ & Java targeted for students learning to code or practice interview problems.

You can get started instantly. No installation or setup needed.

Codiva saves you a lot of time because it compiles as you type, with autocomplete.

It also makes it easy to share your code online and on your blogs.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Being a developer and product manager myself, I am excited to hunt this extremely useful tool not only for developers but also for technical product manager. Beyond simplicity, here are 8 others reasons to fall in love with Codiva - 1. Get Started even without creating an account 2. Save your projects if you want to access them later from anywhere else 3. Support for creating project directories 4. It's extremely fast 5. Access shared projects for easy learning or reference 6. Very useful tutorials in algorithms and data structures 7. Auto compile feature that compiles with every keystroke 8. Runs on mobile too, so we can use it on the go If you're a developer or anyone who is looking for a cloud compiler that is extremely fast and runs on mobile device too, look no further. Just try Codiva!
I am the developer of I was teaching Java and algorithms to one of my cousins to prepare him for interviews. I noticed that he avoided Eclipse because it was too slow and memory hog on his computer. And noticed how unnecessarily ineffective it was, to write in editor, switch to command line, then back to the editor. Considering the rising popularity of Chromebooks among students, I evaluated other online compilers and IDEs. Some online IDEs like codenvy had exactly the same problem as Eclipse, and not suitable for students. Others like IdeOne,, etc were good for this use-case, but I felt they could be better. 1. Similar to Eclipse, I wanted the new editor to compile continuously after every few stroke. By the time, someone finishes the code, it should show the compilation result. 2. Similar to Eclipse, Compilation errors should be shown in editor instead of just a blob of text. 3. Unlike other online IDEs, students should be able to test interactive programs. In IdeOne or others, you must specify stdin upfront. That is counter intuitive to many beginners. So I made it easy to correctly test interactive programs. 4. It should work on mobile. Even though, most people code in desktops, people do read code in Mobile. Some even do small edits. There are some mobile coding Apps like AIDE that has over a million downloads indicating a clear demand. This was the primary reason I developed Codiva. It has been used by a number of Computer Science teachers who believe Codiva has the nice balance and recommended for their students. They use it for their assignments. Please try and let me know your feedback. Thanks, JP