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#5 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2015
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Hi ProductHunt, First of all, thank you for featuring my project. I started working on a simple rails tutorial months ago, because it took me quite a while to actually understand the basics of Ruby on Rails as a complete beginner. So I made the Wordpress clone tutorial to be a complete introduction to Ruby on Rails. Before I finished, I saw code4statup and in the thread, people kept asking for a ProductHunt clone tutorial. So I decided to make one and add it to the project. I hope you like it 😁
Hey @felixoginni - can you tell us a bit about why you made this :)
Free previews?
@faisal_hassanx Send me an email I'll arrange one for you.
Have downloaded and so far been very impressed!
@felixoginni can you send me a preview please. Thanks
@himenjil what's your email address?