Automate your take-home coding assignments

Identify great candidates using real tasks that closely resemble actual work. Streamline your tech recruiting workflow and make better hiring decisions. Let your candidates work in their environment of choice using the tools they are most comfortable with.
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Hi everyone! Really excited to be here sharing our cool thing with the Product Hunt community! We made CodeSubmit after realizing that there was no simple (and affordable) platform for administering the take-home coding assignments we both used when hiring developers. As a recruiter myself, our developer assessment process was something along the lines of: • Ask the hiring manager to create a take-home assignment in a word or google doc • Send the doc via email (maybe with some supporting files) to a candidate • Check up with the candidate a few days later via email to ask if they have any questions/ensure they’re progressing • Receive the completed assignment in either a zipped file (the worst) or via a link to a public git repository (where anyone can see it) • Ask the hiring manager to review the submission (if it’s a zipped file, forward it to the hiring manager; hopefully it opens properly) • Go back-and-forth with the hiring manager to get feedback and decide whether or not to progress the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process If your process resembles anything close to this, then check out CodeSubmit. We really make it easy to automate this whole process. Our features include candidate status tracking, in-app submission viewing (mobile compatible!), in-app comments, and even a Bias Protection Mode, for ethical hiring. We’re still in the early phases of this project but we’ve already grown so much. And we love feedback!! So please let us know what you think !! :D And if you want a demo (or maybe a custom assessment to use in your hiring process? ;) ) please reach out!
Hi, this is Tracy & Dom from CodeSubmit. We're building CodeSubmit out of our living room in Munich, Germany. I'm very excited for anyone that wants to try our product!