A beautiful cross-platform code snippet manager

Organise your snippets into branded folders. Find the code you’re looking for instantly and share it with your friends with a single click. Available as a native app on all desktop platforms.
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Hi Hunters! 👋 I started working on Codespace in December last year because I wasn’t really 100% satisfied with any of the other code snippet managers that I found. I wanted something with... 🗂 Branded folders that can be nested ↗️ Super easy one-click sharing 🎨 A great user interface 🐧 Works on Mac, Windows and Linux 🛑 No annoying subscription fees, just let me buy the app! So here it is – the code snippet I waited for that never came. I’m really excited to share it with everyone and hear what you think! 👉 Use the code SPACEHUNTER for 25% off your purchase (expires May 1st)! Stay safe, AMA and hope you love the app! ❤️ /Tristan
Just bought the app. Love it. It would be nice if I can sync (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive) and use it on my another computer. Great user interface
@shoaibsharif Thanks Shoaib! Syncing + importing is definitely coming soon. Stay tuned! 😊
Any way to test the app before buying? I tried many other snippet managers and none of them were good for me, but I'm still looking. For Brazilian people like me, US $ 12 -> R$ 64.03, and that's a huge amount, mainly because I don't even know the software
@fabricio_parola I understand. There's no trial version unfortunately, but if you do buy it and it doesn't live up to your expectations, you can send me an email and I'll make sure you get a full refund. Also, don't forget to use the "SPACEHUNTER" coupon code at the checkout for 25% off 😊
This _is_ the snippet manager I was looking for! Two things: 1. The one missing feature for me is the ability to add snippet metadata. For instance, I want to be able to add "sources" to snippets – URLs where I might have learned the snippet, for reference purposes. 2. In your demo animation at the top of the page, the example snippet, a shell command, is identified as Ruby. Don't know if you care about that or not, it's not the biggest deal. Awesome work!
@davidgay 🙌 1. I was thinking of adding that, but realised I mostly just add the URL as a code comment. I do see how you might want to add some longer documentation with markdown support though, so I might add that as a feature in an upcoming version! 2. Yeah I noticed that too. 😅Not sure why the automatic code detection identified it as Ruby. Might have to tweak some parameters there...
@t4t5 Yeah markdown doc support would be *sick*, actually, didn't even think of that. But yeah not having the URL as a comment would be nice because then it doesn't have to be copied when you copy the snippet. Thanks for the response!
Beautiful and snappy interface. Well done 🎉