Codekeeper 2.0

Source code escrow for developers

Codekeeper 2.0 is an easy to use solution for software developers and publishers to provide their clients with source code escrow as part of their service level or license agreements.

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Danny de Wit
Founder @tolqcom
Thanks for hunting us! We've rebuilt Codekeeper from the ground up for V2. We have all new plans that are focussed on the needs of software developers and publishers to protect the interests of their clients. Some cool new features: - Automated deposit, right from Github, BitBucket and MS Visual Studio - Automated beneficiary management, so less manual communication - Much more! We try to make source code escrow painless for developers! And all plans come with a solid legal foundation; the Codekeeper Escrow Agreement. Looking forward to any questions and comments!
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Joshua PinterProduct at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Excellent service. As a Product Manager of enterprise software at CNTRAL, we deal with this clause all the time in big, long-term License Agreements. This is easily the best way to handle it for both yourself and the client. Hopefully we or the client never have to use it but it's the quickest way to satisfy their procurement and lawyers to get the deal inked.
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