Codegrip 2.0

An Automated Code Review Tool. Simplifying Code Quality.

Codegrip is an automated code review tool that makes the code review process a matter of seconds. It is like Grammarly for code. With Codegrip, detecting bugs and security vulnerabilities is super-easy and it does not even store any of your code.
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Hey ProductHunt Fellas, I am Pravin, the CTO and Co-founder of Codegrip. Codegrip is an automated code review tool that generates detailed code review reports within seconds. Imagine- Grammarly for code I created Codegrip to solve the perennial problem of knowing How good is my code? Today, either code reviews are not done or are too complicated to do with manual intervention. CodeGrip provides you a way to automate code reviews and integrates it seamlessly to be a part of your development cycle. We are super excited to be launching on ProductHunt and are giving a free one-month free access only to the producthunt community. Avail Offer Here: Here is what you can do with Codegrip. 1. Customize the code review rules to match your needs and style. Perform Code Review with just a click of the button 2. Detect Bugs and Security Vulnerabilities in your code in seconds. 3. Get suggested solutions for each bug and vulnerability. 4. Get the location of each duplicated block of code managing code duplication supereasy. 5. Integrate with Slack to get code review reports automatically in your chosen slack channel at each commit or pull request. 7. Get the amount of technical debt in each project. 8. Collaborate with team members assign developers to particular project and be able to check individual reports Codegrip does not stores your code and hence your IP is totally safe. We welcome you all to check out CodeGrip and share your thoughts and feedback.
I use codegrip daily to scan my projects which helps me to improve my programming skills and also making development process bug free.
@new_user_15399b6f71 I am glad to hear this.
Codegrip has become an absolutely indispensable tool at my workplace. Not only does it allows our tech team to find bugs and rectify them, but they now use it to record all kind of testing for documentation purposes and the quality of code has also improved a lot. This product is beautifully designed, super high quality, can't recommend highly enough! Thank you!! Will be really excited to see where you take this next.This really is a giant leap forward in the way developers debug their apps. Well done to codegrip team for being found by Product Hunt.
I am a sales person and often I come across with questions from clients that they have an existing product/web/app/software etc which they want to update, fix bugs or add some features. With traditional approach, it was difficult to get the code reviewed if the relevant developer is not free at the same time and was also time consuming. But with Codegrip, I can actually generate the code report and also provide the analysis report to client of bugs in the code, time it will take to fix it and it has really helped me gain clients confidence. Will keep using Codegrip and highly recommend it.
@gaurav_goyal It's great that Codegrip helped well.
Good one guys, What is the best part for me is the Slack notifications!!!!!! As I am in contact with the Codegrip support, the support guys said, They are not storing the project code anywhere. So good to know this unique security feature.
@vikram_kodag Happy to hear how Codegrip as been helping your.