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Codefield is a small new platform helping developers,designers and even photographers find tools that will make completing their next project a whole lot easier.

From photos to simple html templates to different more complex projects you'll find it all in here.

P.S since all those negative reviews we have updated the landing page.

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Vlad Radulescu
Tom Sp
Renaldo Shehaj
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  • Pros: 

    Not sure


    Don't know what the app does

    The first thing I see is a login page. I can't see what the product does or why it needs my info. Sorry, but you're not having my e-mail address just by having a logo and 2 lines of text.

    Vlad Radulescu has never used this product.
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  • Pros: 

    love the idea of many tools all in one place


    nothing so

    it's a new product so there's not much content but the idea of easily accessing multiple tools in one place is

    Andi Lika has used this product for one month.