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Find updated snippets for common JavaScript use cases


Code to go helps developers learning JavaScript find up to date, accurate and ready to use snippets of JavaScript code for common use cases.

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Dan Moore
Mathieu Le Roux
Navid Mirzaie Milani
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  • Pros: 

    - Copy paste friendly


    - Lack of information of where something is applicable

    Why would you want to use this over say it'll usually end up in staggeration of information. The use-cases / snippets shared here may or may note apply to your use-case and if you knew what applies best to your use-case....? I do see a point in making a process out of this but this effort could be used to populate these questions over StackExchange or MDN and not fragment information further.

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  • Abdeslam Ahrbil
    Abdeslam AhrbilLooking forward for some super powers.

    Easy to use.


    Maybe if there is an extenstion for code editor would be better..

    I need it inside my editor.

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  • Daniel Levelev
    Daniel LevelevSales, PPC & Web development

    Usability, Curated Content


    should add more conent in the future

    This is what you would expect from StackOverflow :))

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  • Dan Moore
    Dan MooreVaporware

    it's focused on content only


    but this is where content goes to die

    coding content needs context -- thats why stackoverflow's system works

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  • Pros: 

    New tools in coding are always neat to check


    Theres no issues at all no cons from


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