How does a startup get from the back of a napkin to MVP? Code Story brings you in-depth interviews with tech leaders, digging into the critical moments of the what it feels like to change an industry.. and build and lead a team that has your back.
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Hi Hunters! I created this podcast to tell the creation stories of tech leaders, the products they made and the roads they travelled. The process of building a product can take many twists and turns, based on the path that is chosen. How do you get started? What tools do you use? And how do you build your product roadmap? There will be mistakes and issues along the way, how is your team going to respond? How do you build a team? And not just any team… a team that gets the vision, that follows your lead. What is the vision, and what does the future look like? Ultimately – how do you take an idea from the back of a napkin to MVP to launch?
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I’ve been looking for a podcast like this for some time now. Upvoted, subscribed and can’t wait to listen to all the episodes 👌
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@tobias_eberhard Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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This is the type of podcast I'll love. Good job @noah_labhart
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@troyholloday Thank you! Make sure and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast directory! New episode releases tomorrow!
@noah_labhart Great podcast idea. Looking forward to the episodes.
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@akshi_tyagi Thanks! Be sure to subscribe today, on any major podcast directory. There are 3 episodes out, and the next one will be released tomorrow!
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