Code Line Daily

Explore a new line of code every day

Code Line Daily is a project made by Silvestar Bistrović in his free time. The goal of the project is to highlight the simplicity in the code, the essence, if you will: a single line of code.
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It's like art but lines of code.
Very cool and very simple! I could see this as a browser plugin, too. When you open a new tab a new line of code appear. Just an idea :)
@tyler_nass And what an idea. I would definitely try to do it. Stay tuned!
@tyler_nass The Chrome extension is available. Check out the latest comment.
Code Line Daily is trying to emphasize those one-liners that we all love, but not appreciate enough. (Disclaimer: I am the author of the product.)
@codelinedaily This is a great idea. Any chance you'd add an RSS feed so I don't have to revisit? ;)
@ryan_roberts1 Definitely. Stay tuned.
I like the colours. It's a nice little reminder too for those learning how to code. While one little line won't teach you much, it pokes you and reminds you to think about learning.
I think this can be a very good newsletter with crowdsourced and carefully curated one-liners from different programming languages.
@fluffypony This is already in my todo list. Thank you for the suggestion.