Code Cards 2.0

Return of the card game that teaches you how to code.

Follow up to the original sold out game, with fun new mechanics, Python as a new language, updated subjects and an open source, creative commons license that will allow anyone to print the game and play it anywhere in the world.
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Kelsey Whelan
product @figmadesign, prev @netflix
Excited to see the return of Code Cards! Such a fun, social way to augment learning for beginners of all ages. And love that there's now a Print & Play backer option that lets you download and play from a Figma file :)
Juan Andres LagrangeFounder & CEO Sunlight
It's a very simple and fun way to bring coding out of the screen and into real life. Great way to practice simple concepts on CSS, HTML, Ruby & Javascript
Waiting for my cards 💪🏼