Shan Sinha
Shan Sinha reviewedCoda PacksConnect your doc to the apps you use everyday.

- put an end to a million tabs

- normalize data over the web


- need more documentation on Pack APIs!

- need more Packs!

Ever find yourself opening up a hundred tabs, copying and pasting the exact right information or paragraph between tabs into your spreadsheet and then realize you got the wrong paragraph and now you need to rework the whole table?

Packs are an incredibly powerful tool, where Coda did the heavy lifting for you. Packs essentially "normalize" data from the internet and turn it into something useful that you can do something with.

One simple example.. I spent weeks building a dashboard in Google Sheets of data pulled for multiple public stocks that were relevant to our company.

With Coda Packs, I built the basics of what I had created in less than 10 minutes.

Imagine being able to do this for every type of data that you interact with. It's an extremely powerful way to create the "tools" you need to make decisions particularly when the apps you use don't quite give you the report you exactly need or when you need to combine data from multiple different apps.

Shan Sinha has used this product for one year.