Coco Color Stylus

Tons of colors + styles that let you color more creatively

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Hi everyone. I invented Coco Color - a Coloring Stylus for Tweens & Adults. It has 768 different Color/Style/Size stroke combinations; iOS7+ & Android 4.0.3+, No Pairing, Press Buttons to Color & Doodle. I have 3 kids and one day about 2 years ago my youngest daughter Coco said the pink stylus I bought her was broken. She meant it didn't color in pink on her iPad! As clear as blue sky, Coco Color was born. Our 1st Coco Color is on Early Bird discounted release (US$29.99) - It's designed for Tweens & Adults. We want real feedback from real consumers to build future models, including a Preschoolers' model. My original angel investor got involved, because you can't bring a App to a birthday party or put it under a tree. Also as parents we both support maintaining motor skills during screen time. digits are good for holding stuff! You can see how it all works - . Our budgets were lean, but hope the values shine. It comes packed with Coco Color Voyages (coloring) & Coco Color Doodle (doodling). Both Apps use our unique Ooze coloring feature. Hold a Coco Color steady on the screen & colors will start to Ooze. If filling an Excel cell is like a slap in the face, Ooze is like a facial massage. Since both parents & children can color the same App content at their own appropriate level of details, it means they are truly communicating together through the medium. For once, screen-time is shared together holistically and not merely acting as a babysitter in an electronic world of connected isolation. I now welcome your raw feedback, opinions, questions & suggestions.
Looks great. Nice job. Is this just for coloring, or you can do free drawing in the app also?
@sign Hi Mark - Yes the free Drawing App is called Coco Color Doodle. You can also try Ooze for both Apps. Hold the Coco Color steady on the screen and the Color starts to slowly Ooze across the page. Is very relaxing.