CoBeats helps you to keep all your things: bookmarks, screenshots, videos, files, images, movies, books, music, tv shows and of course notes; from wherever you are.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
We @ UNESCO MGIEP are avid users of CoBeats that helps us share articles, files, documents with our internal & external stakeholders seamlessly. Like the simplicity behind product conceptualisation and encourage you to check out our usage sample @
@roy_saurabh Profile page with public clips is also one of our favourite features.
Devesh! Always churning out such great ideas! 😊
@kunal_d_mehta Thanks! Effort of a lot of people though. Do try out the product!
I use this product daily. ♥️ it's simplicity. I wish it had an app, though.
@valeria_rastorgueva Thanks for using our product. It feels great to know that you find CoBeats useful every day. What do you use CoBeats primarily for? We want to make a CoBeats app that syncs all your clips offline. However, because of the lack of extension support in mobile browsers, we feel that an app will not do justice to what CoBeats is - a space for all your web things.
@onosmosis Understood. I work at a company called The Quorum. I use CoBeats for clipping all images and articles that are trending in lifestyle industry.
@valeria_rastorgueva Thanks for your reply. We will notify you when our app is launched.
For several years, we kept CoBeats & DoSheets out of the ​limelight​. We always wanted to make a product that people enjoy using it, and we thought people would come if we do good shit. That's why we never publicly released or advertised CoBeats or DoSheets. There were some fear also involved - Is our product ready? Will people like it? CoBeats Inc. is a small and profitable venture. Our objective is not to build a BILLION DOLLAR company which seems to be becoming a trend these days, what we are doing here is building a community of people who really need what we have built. Today, we are releasing two of our products to this community. Hope you all try. It's free!
@onosmosis Hi Devesh. Beautiful product. Just curious, how does CoBeats make money? Is there a pricing page/plan somewhere?
@onosmosis @kehers profitable, free- i think we're missing something here :)
@kehers @thesultanofsex Costs nothing. When we release the phone apps (very soon), it will have a onetime cost.
I use this product for several months now. Never knew who were the people behind it. The great thing is that the product always worked and evolved, but the founders never bothered me with anything. I keep my notes and bookmarks on CoBeats. Their chrome extension is also straightforward and helpful.
@jeff_wharton Thanks Jeff! Very happy to know that you’re enjoying the product. If you have any issues ever send us an email and we will be happy to help.