Coach Parry Training Platform

Online training app to help you achieve your athletic goals


The Coach Parry Online Training Platform is an interactive, web and app-based platform that will guide you and give you everything you need to become the best athlete you can be.

Would you recommend this product?

The forum with access to qualified, knowledgeable coaches when I’m unsure how to tweak my programme - for such a small monthly fee is incredible value.


Love how I have a smorgasbord of training plans at my finger tips, and that I can see my blocks turning green as I complete my runs :)


Can’t run for me when I’m strapped for time ;)


I have been a member since June 2017. I joined because I stuggled with completing a marathon under 5 hours. I downloaded the finishers program and started my training for the Cape Town Marathon. Throughout the program was easy to follow and any questions I had, I just posted on the forum. Coach Parry or one of the other coaches would always reply quite quick and then I was sorted. I finished the CPT Marathon in 04:22!! Most recently I did a sub 2 half marathon!! I can really say that for the small monthly fee I am getting my money's worth!!


It like netflix for running!! You can pick and choose a program no matter what fitness level. Expert advice at your fingertips :-)



Once you've bought one 12 week program you'll definitely look for more afterwards. Awesome training videos abailable, as well as Question and Answer sessions, live as well as recorded. The forums are so helpful because you can read other peoples' questions and the answers to their questions.


Programs available for athletes of any ability. All the Coach Parry team members are incredibly generous with their time and advice. .


Cons? There aren't any.