A command line interface for the web

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emir alp
emir alpMaker@nerdsarewinning
Hello! is a command-line interface for internet. Our aim is being the shortcut between www and cli lovers. Current version have basic commands like listening music, playing games, searching at Google, browsing geeky news etc. You can directly access modules with their own urls: for radio, for geeky news etc. In the near future we are planning to continue as an open-source project for app platform that perform automated tasks for you like read the web, watch for events, take actions on your behalf. Of course, with the power of programmable web (twitter, twillio, IFTTT etc.). Think of it as a programmable Yahoo Pipes + IFTTT working with commands & accessible via API. Some commands: help pro play dubstep layout galactic games shorten joke signup search Paris Hilton ++ (new commands are coming soon)
Magnus Burton
Magnus Burton@magnusburton ·
@nerdsarewinning well after I entered help with a capital H it went into an endless loop
emir alp
emir alpMaker@nerdsarewinning
@magnusburton Thanks for reporting, you found a loophole
James Nock
James Nock@james_nock
@nerdsarewinning hi, is no longer working as I keep getting 'Cannot load Soundcloud SDK. Maybe Soundcloud is down, or your country is banned Soundcloud for a reason'?
emir alp
emir alpMaker@nerdsarewinning
@vectormein Yes, we are now working hard to integrate new plugins like Huginn and API's like Zapier & IFTTT
Rudi MK
Rudi MK@vectormein
One thing you guys could play with is using [Huginn]( as an alternative to IFTTT. I believe it's even more powerful that way.
Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Do you plan to open-source this? This is just amazing :)
Ashish Bardhan
Ashish Bardhan@creativebakchod · Senior Software Engineer, Wingify
Awesome app. You guys should integrate with Last.Fm API. People will be delighted to see their currently listening song getting scrobbled.