Command-line radio for geeks

#3 Product of the DayDecember 23, 2014
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This is so geeky and surprisingly delightful. The glitch and hip hop stations are quite enjoyable. Comments come in, in unison with the music: P.S. enter “mario” (Easter egg!)
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@rrhoover I can't wait to fully implement our command line in Bebo.
@rrhoover Well... that's 30min of my day spent playing mario... :-/
@rrhoover Also check out 'flappybird' command!
@rrhoover this is way cool. personally, the thing i like best is the interface. can make any music addict feel like a proficient coder haha.
I'm a fan of the ios app. Desktop version is also nice :)
@Jonnotie We really enjoy while creating mobile, glad to hear that from you too :) We have also a 30 sec. video for mobile app,
This is pretty sweet, I'm only bummed I didn't think of this. :D
@sleinadsanoj Really love to hear that! Thank you :)
This is fantastic creators. Very cool indeed :)
@kartikparija Thank you :)
@nerdsarewinning where are you sourcing the music from and how is it curated?
@rrhoover We use a combination of bots that track/filter independent artist's work, and feed the filtered selection to volunteer curators. Source is mostly, and we're trying to integrate music blogs.