Cluster 2.0

Private spaces for you and your friends

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Today we’re proud to announce the release of Cluster 2.0 for iOS and Android, the result of a year of user insights, months of hands-on user testing, and a changing landscape in social sharing. We added tons of new features to Cluster with this release: You can now post videos and notes to group spaces, and we crafted a beautiful new experience for iPad and Android tablets. We also completely redesigned Cluster to focus exclusively on private group sharing, a dynamic we believe is the future of social networking. Read the full post here:
Yo, @mulligan! Congrats on the launch. Curious to hear what your biggest surprise has been building Cluster.
@rrhoover most surprising has been the amount of things people have used it for. We wrote a post about this the other day ( The other thing that's been insane is the amount of competition that's popped up over the past year. We're working on a post about that now. So far looking at over 40 apps that have launched since we did, but we haven't finished the list yet :)