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Cluey Travel Chatbot

Discover your perfect travel destination

Access data on travel destinations like never before to discover your hidden gems.
πŸ€” Answer some questions
πŸ’Œ Get personalised, quantitative recommendations for YOU
πŸ“ Explore destinations that meet your needs
βš–οΈ A load balancer for travelers!
Would you recommend this product?

Great start! Looking forward to see how you evolve this. I'm sure the more data you can feed in to understand the user the better it will get. It could be great for people like me who are taking short trips with a busy schedule (no time to research), so would love to see some filtering to help find those destinations. Keep it up!


Interesting list of destinations, catering to the growing number of travellers wanting a niche holiday


More options for the hours to travel would be good. Would take into account peoples budget.

Thanks for taking the time to review it David! Agree, more options for hours to travel and taking into account budget are important. We are working on building out the web version which will allow for more precise responses. We are also building another exciting feature on the website which will really help you find those destinations!

Will watch it’s development. Maybe onto something...


Fun to use


Can develop into other fields than travel

Thanks! We actually started our journey with real estate (leads aren't valuable during a property bubble), phones (we found 3 or 4 phones objectively the best so the algo was useless unless you wanted very specific features like dual sim), and cars (too irregular of a purchase but we'd like to revisit this again the future).

Good app, would recommend to friends


It provided good recommendations and I would actually go to those places when I decide to go on holidays


Try and include past holidays as it could be good reference for future ones and allow a few more categories

Thanks ramu! Yes in the future we'd like to integrate account functionality. The web version will allow users to select from our complete set of categories.