Ring your friend like a phone call to start texting

To be completely honest, I don't know why people would download yet another messaging app that simply vibrates when a text conversation begins. This is iMessage (and most mobile messaging apps) default behavior. Maybe I'm missing something, @m_arbesfeld?
@rrhoover We found that normal texting is slow and low-bandwidth, while phone conversations required that both parties are free to talk. "Cluck" is really a hybrid between the two: you get the efficiency of a phone call (via vibration and real-time messaging) with the casualness of texting. It's basically a version of text messaging that is optimized for speed of communication.
Mobile app that vibrates your friend's phone like a phone call to start a real-time text conversation.
Awesome to be on Product Hunt! We made this at MIT as a way to make communication via text as efficient as possible. I think the best way to explain the app is through steps: 1) Tap on a friend to vibrate their phone like a phone call. It really gets their attention. 2) When they answer, you start a real-time text conversation. 3) The messages are deleted when you end the Cluck. Hope you guys find this as useful as we do. Happy Clucking!
This is an interesting solution to a real problem. When I have something time sensitive, I call, because text tones are too easy to miss for a while!