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Cloze 2.0

See everything about your contacts in one place.

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Owner, RJ Lewis Digital

All said I have tried some more expensive CRMs and none of them were great for personal management. I really use Cloze as more of a minder for my sales interactions than a CRM. I wish it integrated with trello or todoist so I could just have it run things while I use my preferred interface.


I have not found any other software that logs my interactions and tells me when to get in touch without my input- I need that.


The inbox interface is bad. I find it hard to stay IN cloze. I wait for the emails and work from there.

CEO & Co-founder, Remotehour

Simple UI but that takes a lot of time until we're accustomed. I want to customize more because "contact management" is my only problem.


Not only contact list but also e-mails and calendar


Can't share with the team?


Nice design, good classification for automatic retrieve information from your mail browser. Lack of a good agenda with the days and hours, where you can change everything.


Easy and complete set of tools.


Each time you have to enter many windows to start again. Lot's of time and effort for nothing.