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Your new favourite weather app for iOS ☀️


Thanks to its hyperlocal weather info Cloudy insanely accurate weather forecasts. You can enjoy the feature-packed app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Cloudy’s forecast precision can satisfy even the most tech-savvy users with its minutely precision precipitation forecast, daily and real time weather notifications, watch complications and more 😉

Would you recommend this product?
cs Student, iOS Developer

Yes, very good design. While I'm sick of too much weather apps.

So if you're someone who kind like Carrot function but don't like the UI it has, try this one. Or maybe Carrot need money so try this one? (Why I say Carrot? because I using it for last one more years....)

Why not competitive?

- the AW is included in Plus, which is free in Carrot (although Carrot need money to buy but it's one-time fee, not subscription, that's different)

- Using DarkSky like lots of apps. And other may even give other sources as a plus (Carrot does 0 0)

- Since I don't buy plus, I cannot say any on AW, but hope it can have the customization like Carrot.

- Not for now, since I just compare the rough one aha!

BTW, I really think Carrot give a rough standard as a paid also subscription weather app, that's why I compare it.


Nice UI, fresh new design in today's weather apps.


Not too competitive to other weather apps like Carrot

iOS Developer
Thanks @o1xahck for your feedback, much appreciated. The Apple Watch does come with complications and I totally understand the Carrot comparison. I've build this (design included) while working a full-time job as a iOS Developer so the time I had to invest in building additional stuff like customisation and other data sources was limited but I will definitely consider it a future release 😊
iOS Developer

I have this app since it was published on product hunt.

I highly recommend it.


Fresh design, high accuracy, watch support


Nothing bad for now

Programmer and Student

Been beta testing this app for a while, and I've loved it! Favorite weather app by far


Wonderfuly pretty app and great resources



iOS Developer
Thanks, Christopher, as a developer, to get a thumbs up on the design is something really special to me. Thanks again for everything so far! 🙏

Great UI, love it!


Super fresh design, great idea!!