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Anything to anything you say? Brb, converting this jpg to an mp3.
@ghobs91 jpg --> Mechanical Turk description of image --> VoiceBunny voiceover --> mp3
Submitted this like a week ago but didn't show up. Glad to see it posted. Tried it a few weeks ago and has worked well for me :)
Seems like this is a really powerful conversion tool, with 205 formats supported. h/t to @kftaylor for tweeting about this :)
I've been a fan for over a year and now I see they have soooo many conversion formats! Congrats guys! P.S I use it daily because I'm too lazy to install a .rar reader lol
It's been connected to my work account's Google Drive and when I get a file I can't view, I can instantly convert it to another format with a single click. Really useful app! :)