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Love this in concept and we're planning a collection of post-mortem Q&A with a few founders in the coming days/weeks, but the execution is disappointing, to be completely honest. Each startup page includes a high-level summary but the font is so large it doesn't make it easy to consume. But more importantly, I was expecting this to be written by the founder themselves but it appears to be created by Closed Club (or contributors). When I went to view the comments for each startup, it asks me to sign-in via Twitter. I reluctantly agreed until I was met with a prompt asking for permission to post under my account, change my Twitter profile, etc. I'm very hesitant to give out this access, especially for new sites like this that I'm unfamiliar with. Again, love the direction and will be following along to see how it evolves. :)
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@rrhoover Agreed. The founders sent me a tweet a couple of days ago and some of the things you mentioned were reasons why I hadn't posted it. Some people think discussion about "failure" is overrated, but I think it's often as valuable and even a bit more possible to identify why something failed than it is to figure out exactly why something succeeded. Interested to see where they take it.
@rrhoover I agree with this. I thought it would've been interviews with the founders of these startups with sort of an in-depth never before told story of why they shut down. If possible, maybe that's the way they should try to get future content on their site.
@rrhoover what we aim to do is to make this not only a place to share products that have closed down but a learning and idea brainstorming resource for entrepreneurs. Obviously the end goal is to get detailed information direct from founders, but to start off with the content is both contributed by contributors and also founders. With the twitter logins, I know where you are coming from. We will losen this up a little sorry for that
@rrhoover twitter login just loosened up, sorry about those initial requests, we dont need to post to your account or any of the other permissions
@acondurache totally fine, Andrew! Side note: I love seeing makers open to feedback and make changes based on the discussion here. Hopefully it helps. :)
Hey everyone, I am behind this product, please feel free to ask me any questions! The direction we are taking this is to have content both directly contributed by the founder/maker but also by the community. Any user can actually add content relevant to a product that has been closed off. Obviously having detailed content from each founder is the goal, but to start off each product can be added by any person and then if new content is added to a trending product it will be pushed back up into the main trending stream if it was initially trending. Getting founders to open up about products that have closed off is definitely valuable to any one else wanting to learn from past attempts to solve a specific problem which can be ultimately used as a learning resource or as a way to brainstorm new product ideas Please feel free to ask me any questions :)
We just loosened the twitter login, you can now login without those initial requests
First, thanks for loosening up the login; I prefer to see enough so that I can determine how much of my info I want to share. Second, I love this idea. Every time I have a success, I feel a (temporary) sense of relief. When I fail, though, I choose to try to learn from the experience. Third, I think most people love a story. Closed Club could be valuable to many if those who were part of the startup participated. Fourth, I don't need for the closed/shut down startup to be well known. And I wonder whether founders of lesser known startups might be even more willing to participate than the more well known. All the best.
@sandracarden I definitely agree, some of the best lessons are learned the hard way and sharing this is a great way to help others gain insight into your own trial and errors. Especially if the product that was closed is in the same space or market you are working in, this can be really valuable if you are trying to solve a specific problem already attempted, we are working on the ability to categorize the content as much as possible to allow people to possibly search by specific market or problem
@acondurache have you thought about testing this as a talent hunting platform?
Anyone who has worked on a product that was eventually shut down and wants to share their learnings and reason for closure with more in depth insight please tweet us @closed_club for a one-to-one skype interview