Clockwise Smart Alarm

Customizable smart alarm improving waking up

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréB2B SaaS Consultant
"Clockwise is awesome because it is a smart alarm android app that makes waking up easier by speaking to you content you customize using text to speech software. You set your alarm, set your snooze/alarm tone settings, create your custom modules, and wait to wake up. Upon hearing the alarm go off you will click the play button on the notification and Clockwise will start speaking to you your content. Maybe you want to hear the weather report for tomorrow. Or maybe you want to hear the top reddit posts for sports. Maybe you want to hear the fact of the day or even get the travel time between two locations before you go on vacation. Clockwise provides tons of different content customization options by offering 11 different content modules:
  • Notifications
  • Weather
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • News
  • Reminders
  • Countdown
  • Traffic
  • Quote of the Day
  • This Day in History
  • Fun Fact Clockwise also has a feature to order your modules so you can hear your content in the order you specify. The app allows you to adjust your text to speech settings as you please and to edit your active modules right on the home screen. The goal of Clockwise is to make waking up an exciting and inspiring experience by allowing you to start your day with content that is tailored to you. Clockwise is your smart alarm."
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    Michael MorrisonProduct Manager, Proxibid
    A feature I've always wanted in an alarm app that I've never been able to find is the following: If it snowed last night (> 1 inch), set my alarm X minutes (30 minutes) earlier than my original setting so I have time to shovel and still make it to work on time. Can your app solve this for me?
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    Drew Gallagher
    @morrjobs Right now the weather module is designed to allow you to select a weather description, current temperature, max temperature, and celsius/Fahrenheit settings. It speaks to you a weather description like "sunny with scattered clouds. The current temperature is 20 degrees…etc”. We love your idea of adding a possible “smart wake” feature to the weather module that could analyze things like snowfall and adjust your wakeup time to be earlier based on the conditions. Between weather and traffic right now you could figure out if it is snowing and what the travel time to work would be. We can add the smart wake feature in our next version. Thank you for the feedback!