Clockwise – Private Beta

The calendar assistant for teams that need to get stuff done

Currently in private beta, but please join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we launch!

Clockwise helps teams find more time for focused work by moving meetings to the best time for everyone, automatically.

  • Lulu Tang
    Lulu TangProduct Designer, Duo Security

    Easy to use, makes scheduling easier, helps you focus, cool data viz, connects GCal to slack status, integrates with Google


    not a ton of features yet, works better with more coworkers on it, only works for corporate accounts right now

    Clockwise takes a lot of the mental load off of me for scheduling the ”best meeting time” for everyone coming to the meeting. You can pit meetings on “Autopilot” too so they’ll just schedule themselves. Truly a product that protects Maker Time by encouraging you (and coworkers on it) to book meetings closer together so you can maximize your uninterrupted Focus Time to get actual work done. There’s also an option that prevents you from having nonstop meetings for too long. They’re still a pretty young company so there aren’t a ton of features yet, but it’s been pretty helpful so far.

    Lulu Tang has used this product for one month.
  • Kunal Patel
    Kunal PatelLove tech tools

    Love the calendaring features. The auto color coding is amazing!


    Looking forward to what else they will come up with

    Something as simple as color coding my calendar has helped me manage my day better and be better about putting in prep time before client meetings.

    Kunal Patel has used this product for one month.
I saw the "Ship" landing page on here a few months ago and signed up. I've been on the beta for a while and have used the auto pilot feature a bunch! It took a couple weeks for our team to get used to times shifting around a bit but when we all saw it was really freeing up bigger chunks of time for us it was clear it was worth keeping around.
This is a really promising product to see come onto the market. I've been eager to see more products that support and enable deep work; this is among the first I've seen. Congrats to the team.
@ajsharp thanks so much 🙌; let us know what you think!
Look like an awesome product, but I'm just curious, but why does Clockwise need access to my calendar data?
@perri_devon_sand thanks for asking! We only ask for the permissions that are essential to the core functionality of Clockwise and we outline precisely why we ask for the permissions we do here: But, in a nutshell, Clockwise needs the same permissions as a standard calendar client. We use these permissions to understand your current capacity, to infer historic preferences (meeting hours, preferred rooms), and to schedule meetings. We also need some of this information in order to provide a nice UI (picture avatars for your teammates, autocomplete when searching for rooms, etc.).
@voxmatt how does the auto-pilot feature work?
@tommy_stricklen thanks for the question! Autopilot is one of the core features of Clockwise. It's 100% opt-in and allows Clockwise to automatically optimize meetings based on your teams' time and preferences. There are three steps to get autopilot running: (1) Put meetings on Autopilot: Clockwise analyzes your calendar to identify meetings that are good candidates and you choose which meetings to opt-in. (2) Set preferences: by default, Clockwise will only nudge a meeting within the day, but you can set this to be more flexible if you like. (3) Let it run: every day Clockwise will look at all the teams' autopiloted meetings to see if better times are available. If there are, it will go ahead and move it. A few pointers: - Autopilot looks at all attendees' schedules, even if they're not Clockwise users. - Clockwise is aware of timezones, and respects them. - Clockwise will not swap rooms unless you tell it to. - Autopilot becomes much more powerful as more of your team joins and adds meetings (the more meetings Clockwise monitors, the better the optimization can be) Learn more about the nitty-gritty here:
Will Clockwise move meetings that are external, or just internal meetings?