Clockify for iOS

The only 100% free time tracker

Clockify is the only truly free time tracker. Unlimited users and features, free forever. Perfect for teams. Available for web, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
I'm a freelancer and will definitely give this app a try. The UI looks clean and I can always use help keeping track of my time.
Great job !! 😊 Any windows version ,cause lots of People don’t use Mac as such and windows are more.Any update on it
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Yes, we do plan to develop a dedicated Windows desktop app, hopefully in the next few months :)
I will be fan of Clockify forever! Suggestion: Tasks with the same name, that are tracked at different points in time, should be grouped in the report. At the moment, if I track task called "Replying Emails" 15 times a week, I'll have 15 entries in the report. Each entry ranges from 5 minutes to maybe 60 minutes. It would be much easier to have these tasks grouped in one, or at least an option to group the total amount of time. So that I can get a cleaner report, and more useful piece of information which is: how much total time I've spent on a specific repetitive task in one Week or Two Months, or whatever is time is the subject of a report.
@dimitrijevicnik Thanks! :) Grouping time entries is on our to-do list. In the meantime, you can create a project eg. "Office" and a task "Replying emails". Then, all those time entries will be grouped together (plus, you won't have to type the description any longer).
It has a very clean UI.
The web version is great. It really came a long way since it was first published last September. The iOS app also works great and makes time tracking really easy. When you need to run reports, the web version is there. Unlike all the other "free" time trackers, this one is REALLY free as you can use everything without ever paying a cent.