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Most people want to save the environment. Making it actionable is the trick. Climatebase does this with ease. I'm excited to get more involved and push my own climate change action.
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Couldn't have summarized my daily frustrations in a better way... @pollock Here's what I'm pondering: how might we make end-solutions more sexy?
@leon_li1 make them well designed and easy to do? Tie clout to your impact? What do you think? Are there platforms you've been impressed by? I think data/impact transparency on timeline to solution + entrepreneurial thinking in running an org is also important.
Hey thank you so much for "hunting" us @pollock ! We are really exciting to share Climatebase. For those who are interested, here is a little background information about how we got started with Climatebase 🙂 After getting introduced to Project Drawdown’s groundbreaking publication of the top 100 climate solutions, my cofounder Evan wanted to know: Which organizations are working on these solution? And which ones are hiring? What first began as an airtable, then evolved into the world’s first climate career fair — which then evolved into what is now Climatebase. Over the past few months, we've been helping so many people — especially people from tech — make the transition to working on solving climate change. If you’re interested in partnering with us or helping our team, let us know!
@pollock Thanks Tristan, fantastic points.
What are your criteria for including climate-positive co.s in the jobs directory? ie Can an oil company have an climate-positive job post?
@zurgun Great question! Our criteria and impact framework is heavily based on the work of our partner, Project Drawdown. You can learn more about them here: The simple answer to your second question is no. :) It does get a little complicated though, considering many of the carbon capture companies are funded oil/energy companies! Knowing where to draw the line is important. Bottom line: we need to rapidly channel resources towards evidence-based climate solutions as quickly as possible.
@zurgun @evan_hynes do you list carbon capture/ negative emissions tech companies? because that's the area I as an undergrad am interested in as it gets really less attention.
@zurgun @sha2 yes! There's a sector tag we have for "carbon removal engineering" . (terminology on this stuff is still coming together haha)
@zurgun @evan_hynes cool. great work! been a fan of newsletters for a long time, good luck for this new phase!
I'm a fan, love receiving vacancies in my inbox, its becoming increasingly more interesting now since more and more vacancies are remote.
@cynthia_de_wolf1 thank you for the support! The pandemic has really turned the hiring world on its head, but we want to be a catalyst that can help fuel the recovery to a new green economy! We just added some new job post product features to help employers hire. For instance, any job on our platform can now be posted as "remote", but still have a preferred location :)
Amazing to hear something like this exists! I graduated with a degree in environmental science and I've still been having trouble breaking through into that world. Great product, excited to check it out and become more active in the climate world.
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@kellen_dreyer Great to hear you enjoy the site! :) What has prevented you so far from breaking into the climate world? Would love to hear your thoughts to see how we can build more tools to get more people working in climate!
Excellent and practical approach to climate change solutions. We need more products like this to get people involved in impactful work! Congratulations on the launch :)