ClimaCell Micro Weather API

The most granular weather data in the world


ClimaCell Micro Weather API is the most granular weather data in the world.

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I have been writing a weather application and have found the functionality of ClimaCell's API to be much more useful than others out there.

They have the ability to set up alerts so that I can provide notifications to my users which is something that I did not see from other options. The also have an easy to use overlay so that I can show a precipitation map with very little work. Another company provided an overlay but they forced you to use their branding and look and feel on the overlay map. That was a big drawback for me as I like to be able to have my own look and feel for applications that I am writing. Their data is also more detailed than what I could find elsewhere and very accurate.

Support from them has been great as they were able to answer any of my questions that I had for them. Turnaround time was very good and I never felt like I was shooting off emails into a black hole.

Overall my experience with ClimaCell's API has been very positive and made my app creation go very smoothly.


Easy to use, Very Detailed info, Lots of useful features


Must contact company prior to use

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I am an individual developer.

I tried to contact with this company to use their api before. The attitude is terrible and the prices are secret, and they cannot trust me (maybe they thought I am working for a company).

I am just an individual developer.

By the way, a company is afraid of competition?

It’s so funny.

So I choose other api providers for my app.


Maybe it’s a new one in the field of weather.


The attitude is very terrible.

Hi EC, I'm Sophia from the ClimaCell team. Thanks for your interest in the ClimaCell Microweather API. Sorry to hear that you had that experience. We'll be updating our pricing soon. Stay tuned!