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We know firsthand how hard it is to find help to take care of our children. To solve this problem we first develop a rigorous vetting process for the babysitters and then our App. Straightforward: Request; Receive Proposals (Profile+Rate); Choose; Pay and Review.

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We just launch our App in Vancouver, BC. It all started with our personal need. Luciana and I needed help one day with our two daughters and we have not found someone qualified and reliable. Thus came the ClickSitter. Our goal is to bring the best experience for the kids, parents, and babysitters. As busy parents, we know how hard it is to balance our personal and professional life. Especially when you need help with your child. That’s why we’ve completely reinvented two processes: 1. We develop a rigorous vetting process for the babysitters. After all, who has the time to interview a bunch of babysitters to find one? We do it for you. 2. Our App is easy, intuitive to use. Remember is not all the others. The workflow is different, easier for you. The first step is the request. After that, you will receive the proposal of the Sitter who really wants to work with your family. You select the best fit for, and by the end, you will pay and review in the App.
Personally, it'll be extremely difficult to leave a stranger with either one of my kids with all these disgusting things going on. Ok, you could set up a hidden camera but that's not the point here. Vetting could be thorough but we still have doubts. I'll keep an eye to see how this app/business model uplifts. All the best.
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