Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links

@clickmeter is an awesome way to monitor all your links. They provide a substantial amount of data on links.
@stvmcg Thank you Steve for submitting us!!!
Just signed up to evaluate the service yesterday. Very impressed so far. Congrats on the feature.
@joeyburzynski Thanks Joey, we always strive to provide an excellent service for our users.
We've started to use it and it awesome!
@vincebelpiede Thanks Vince, if you have questions don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to help you setting up your account for tracking your marketing sources and understanding which is converting most.
Definitely an Amazing product!
@mayamale Thanks Stefano your feedback is highly appreciated!!!
Hello Product Hunters! Just a few words to introduce you to ClickMeter. ClickMeter is an online tool helping advertisers, agencies, affiliates and publishers optimize clickthrough and conversion rates through the management, tracking and monitoring of marketing links. Boring stuff? Not at all! ClickMeter's goal is to help marketers take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates. With a portfolio of tools available through a single virtual platform users can monitor, compare and optimize all their links in one place. But instead of giving you only NUMBERS to be analyzed we give you the power to create your own campaigns using the power of a customized short link that will increase clickthrough and conversion rates in any medium: Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, content sharing, forum posting, emails, display & video, flash creativity, etc... We’re already helping 70,000 big and small business worldwide (check the list of our customers —>… from the single affiliate marketers working from home to Fortune 500 companies. Do you want to be one of them? To thank the Product Hunt community we are happy to give you a coupon for free to try out our service. Just enter the code PH15 during the signing up phase (—> and start using ClickMeter. Thanks for checking us out - we’re here to answer to all your questions, please feel free to contact us!
@mauriziotiberi is it basically plus conversion tracking and more analytics?
@1wu @mauriziotiberi yes, deep analytics, click fraud detection, several redirect options including A/B test links rotator, more info:
@1wu @mauriziotiberi looks awesome. will this track app installs too?
@rameshdot0 @mauriziotiberi Hi Ramesh, you have the ability to track conversion if you have the ability to place HTML code on a thank you/confirmation page post download. Otherwise we can only provide you statistics via visitors that click the tracking link redirecting them to the download page.