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Hi ProductHunters I made Clext to try and make a difference in the barely changed world of word processors. In decades we've still not moved much from the boring black and white pages of endless text. Clext is here to make typing fun again! It responds to the speed and emotion of everything you write. To motivate you and help you feel your writing. It's a brand new concept and id love to hear any feedback you all have! Thanks everyone! Ben
Groundbreaking news: I have been listening closely to all the feedback and am proud to announce the most requested feature has just been implemented. Thats right. You can now skip the tutorial! The future is a wonderful place...
This is a really interesting idea, nice job. :)
@katannthompson thanks Kirsten! Would love to hear any features or changes you'd like to see in it if you have suggestions?
Interesting idea, how does it work as far as file formats and compatibility?
@scawtent Hi Scott, as of yet it's very limited. Currently theres no option to import and can only be downloaded as raw text. The plan is next to add options for downloading as PDF and word (DocX) formats. If there's any particular compatibility you'd like to see do let me know?
@ben_easton word Doc format would be very helpful.
@katannthompson for sure, that's definitely coming very soon!
@ben_easton Excellent, I look forward to it. :)
I've been using this for a week. Exactly what I was looking for 10/10!