Pomodoro timer and focus alarm clock

Detox from your phone, be more productive and focus on things that matter to you!
Cleverest is a free and easy to use digital detox app, that helps you playfully take a break from your phone to continuously improve your healthy phone-life-balance. #Pomodoro
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We want to build the best digital detox companion together with you! So, what do you additionally like to have?
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Gamification (badges, competitions,...)
Different, customizable avatars
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We want to build the best digital detox companion - together with you - so we need your input and feedback! If we have purpose in our use of technology, we can connect, create and learn. But for a lot of us, using a device is not a conscious choice, it’s a habit. It causes us to lose out on meaningful engagement with the ‘real world’ and the people in it. We also miss the creativity that come in idle moments, when our mind is free to wander. The answer isn’t to avoid using technology altogether. That’s not realistic and isn’t even necessary. Instead we can focus on being in control of when we use our devices. Of course, breaking out of any negative habits is challenging - in fact it takes time. So people need a helping hand to achieve a change in their digital behaviour.
Hi @florian_wienbrugge! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@porush_puri hey happy that you like the idea and the branding. Sure let's talk about some other possibilities - just write a pm to
@florian_wienbrugge absolutely love the UI and the app itself! Two things I would benefit from: a 5min option timer (my pomodoro often consists of 25m-5min break) and what about a fitness /workout avatar? Keep up the great work!
@gabysantos Hey Gabriela, first of all thanks for your feedback. Regarding the 5 min. - we wanted to ensure that you take at least 10 min. of no screentime - but lets see - it is easy to change. A fitness avatar sounds awesome - why not.
Please add 25 min. time option
@gagandeep043 Hi and thank you for your feedback :-) - we have a 25 min. time option in our timer. Default it is 60 min. but you should be able to select 25 min. if not it would be great to send us a screenshot to