Clerk is the texting (SMS/MMS) solution built for Slack. Whether you want to better manage sales, support or marketing efforts through SMS, you can now leverage the power of Slack to send & receive texts through channels managed by one or many colleagues!
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Hi PH community! Since launching Clerk in January of this year we've taken all the feedback from our first 50 customers to bring to you a much more polished and refined experience: πŸ“© You can now send SMS 'campaigns' to an unlimited number of contacts! βš™οΈ We have integrated with GSuite, GSheets & Hubspot to make contact management a piece of cake πŸ˜‰ MMS - picture, video, and emojis are now all natively supported to send/receive ⚑ We have built-in automations that help your business respond to inquiries real-time / off-hours πŸ’ƒ Our interface is much cleaner and easier to manage conversation/support tickets etc! ☎️ Bring your own number! We can import about 90% of phone numbers and manage ONLY the SMS portion We built Clerk exclusively on top of Slack so you don't need a separate web-app or site to manage your SMS campaigns. We have also kept our beta pricing of $9.99 / month for 250 SMS (annual plan) as a light-weight entry-point so anyone can manage their SMS with their colleagues at an affordable price.
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Will here, one of the co-founders of Slack. Over the last 6 months we've put in so much love into Clerk to make it a powerful and enjoyable product. The response from the community and our customers has been nothing short of overwhelmingly positive: people love being able to send and receive texts inside Slack with their team. From being featured by Slack on their 'brilliant bots' section to winning their virtual hackathon, it has been a great ride with Igor. In a short time we've seen our teams send thousands of messages, from a COVID PPE manufacturer adopting our product to help communicate with patients to brick and mortar companies that have built e-commerce and traditional insurance, accountants, real estate agents etc all leveraging SMS + Slack through Clerk.
Wow! Incredble that this is all built on top of Slack. I played around with the Hubspot integration and was shocked how seamless and quick the experience was. Kudos guys!
@ronaldsavage thanks! We tried to make it easy for customers. I am glad you are enjoying the product.
Is there a limit to how many contacts I can import? How do I modify contacts? Looks like a great tool!
@juanasantos No limit on the contacts. Import your contacts across Hubspot, Google, GSheets. Thanks!
I've been using Google Voice for my SMS management since its free but I LOVE that all my colleagues can run a campaign and respond together since its all on Slack. This is an absolutely brilliant bot!
@channinghicks Glad to hear you are finding Clerk useful for collaboration!