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Enable SMS for your business through Slack

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2020
Clerk enables teams to send SMS directly from Slack.
✅Leverage Slack as your central SMS hub
✅Unique phone numbers per channel allow your team to collaborate
✅Great $5 add-ons (int'l #, import your own #, enabling multiple #s)
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30 Reviews4.7/5
I found Clerk after wanting to offer SMS to my father's clients at his accounting firm. I was tired of responding on the corporate phone all day & wanted an integration via Slack where all the other employees we chatting anyways. Clerk is the perfect integration that 'just works'! Clerk's flexible starter plan is $9.99 with super affordable $5 add-ons. All other options I found were priced north of $100/ month built exclusively for enterprise. Pros: -Enable SMS for your business, right from Slack -Allow team-members to collaborate & respond to customers -Caller-ID feature allows me to know who is texting -MMS / photos & videos / Emojis enabled even on Free plan -Add Clerk to multiple threads and have one or multiple number(s) to leverage for sales / customer service / marketing -$5 adds on have saved my life- importing my father's local Montreal number was a cinch and the founders responded in minutes Cons: -Wish there was an 'import' contacts feature enabled -My SMS to Clerk has exploded to having the bot notify me about how many messages I have not responded to would be great
@alexanderhaque thanks for the breakdown. Great product!
@cixliv happy to hunt - these are great makers that have built an elegant product
Thanks for Hunting Clerk @alexanderhaque! 😺😻 It has been a great project @iboshoer and I have been building for the last few months after we couldn't find an affordable SMS-to-Slack solution. 📳 In fact, similar to your father's accounting firm, it was my friend who was looking for a way to leverage SMS for her clinic but didn't want a whole new platform to communicate with her patients outside of slack just to book and confirm appointments. Email was just not effective, especially given the fact that 98% of text messages are read and replied to within FIVE minutes. ✔ So, Clerk was born from 4 simple premises: 1. If you have customers or team members out of the office, one of the best ways to get your message in front of them is through text. 2. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, SMS and MMS are becoming consumers’ and employees’ preferred way of connecting with companies and brands. 3. But choosing a platform for this kind of service isn’t always easy. 4. We’re already logged in to emails, CRM tools, website backends – the list is endless. If you're already using Slack everyday then don’t add another app or program to your list, just add the Clerk Slack app. What would that kind of visibility do for your business? 💯PH Special, of course: And just for the next 24 hours for our Product Hunters, we are giving you 1 month free! Just install Clerk to get your special promotion
Just wanted to add that we are obsessed with user-experience which is not only why we turned to SMS as a solution but also how we strive to make Clerk dead-simple to integrate to Slack: 1. Go to & install it to the slack workplace of your choice 2. Type /invite clerk to a channel to have your # provisioned 3. You can immediately start texting & receiving texts by typing /sms 4. Contacts are saved & text-ID is enabled across all plans 5. Affordable pricing from Free to $9.99 for 500 messages & $19.99 for 1200 (we also have enterprise pricing please contact us!) 6. $5 add-ons included international texting, importing your existing business #, multiple channels & more!
The program works fine and easy, and if you have any questions the helpdesk really helps you well. I would recommend Clerk to anyone! The best part, it really improves your sales!
We are glad you are enjoying Clerk. thanks for upvoting @exself!
Just gave this a test install - works really well!
@andreasduess Thanks for being an early adopter! Much appreciated 🙏🏻