Replace your e-commerce voicemail with an AI

Clearcall replaces your voicemail with an AI. It understands the problems of your customers, asks them the right questions, and summarises the answers in reports that are given to the support team. Your business gets actionable data instead of hours of audio.
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Really cool! 😃 Does this work for any phone number?
@nicolas_carmont We use Twilio for our telephony, so we currently support US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Israel, Puerto Rico, and South Africa numbers.
@nicolas_carmont Yes! You can setup a call forwarding rule to any phone number. When your customers call your Clearcall phone number, we first attempt to reach you. If you don't pickup or if you are unavailable the robot takes over and start talking to the caller.
This is slick. How does this compare to other robot call management systems? Random feature request/idea: Zapier integration. I'd be curious what use cases might emerge from plugging into their trigger-based ecosystem.
@rrhoover Other call management systems either provide no automation features or try to build a product for everyone. We focus on eCommerce, which has a very limited set of problems, that is shared by all stores (refund, return, tracking, etc). General AI is not here yet, but we can train a model that can perform very well on this limited set of tasks and eventually handle most of those tasks automatically. A Zapier integration is actually a great idea!
very cool idea!
@andrewjb44 Thank you Andrew!
Very interesting concept
Hello Hunters! We are launching Clearcall, a product we have been working on for a few months already. A lot of e-commerce companies still do support over the phone and they get hundreds of voicemails during the night if they cannot afford support agents in every timezone. Processing those voicemails takes a lot of time. Agents have to listen to the audio, take notes, and follow up via email. Clearcall solves that problem by replacing their voicemail with an AI. It categorizes the problem of the caller then asks a bunch of questions. Think of it as a conversational Google form. Our clients are saving 40h+ per month. Their support team gets one report per call with all the data we collected as well as recommended actions (we connect to their e-commerce backend) 🤔 What's Clearcall? • Voicemail → AI. Collect all the data you need from your callers and solve the ticket immediately. No more follow up for more info via email • Get a recording and a transcription for every call • Full text search in all your phone conversations • Call your customers back in the dashboard. Get recording + transcription as well 🔥 Can I use it today? Yes! Our phone solution is ready (we are still working on emails + chat). Check out this link: You can sign up here: Try the demo here: Finally, if you want to book a quick call with me to discuss about anything, click here: Thank you, Florian, Jay, and Justin.