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Hi hunters! We're really stoked to get this API out the door - it's got a lot of use cases from CRMs to signup forms. We're releasing it completely free so it can have the most impact across the web. If there's any questions feel free to direct them at me or @harlow_ward who is the genius behind this API.
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Clearbit keeps making amazing tiny API's that aren't groundbreaking exactly, but make life so much easier for many app developers. Kudos to you guys, you deserve it!
@linkchef haha this is cool - we could use this! (The Real SF Map - on PH today also :) Do you guys have addresses of the companies?
@nikilster @linkchef Yes, our main Company API returns addresses [1]. [1] - https://clearbit.com/docs#compan...
I'm blown away by Clearbit and the new opportunities it enables. Keep up the great work!
Great little API that makes building features in the CRM space super exciting. We have been using Clearbit services for some time now at https://Ivyleads.co and can highly recommend them. Very reliable, fast and easy to work with.
Great work @maccaw and team! This is an excellent little entry point into your main line of BI products, and useful for folks to integrate into all sorts of applications.