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Turn anonymous traffic into company data

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We’ve been working on perfecting Reveal for months now, and we're super excited to be opening it up to the world. Essentially you can send an IP address to the Reveal API, and it’ll return information about the company behind that IP. Data points like name, category, size, etc. As you can imagine, super useful for all kinds of analytics, ad targeting, and site customization. Imagine if you could customize quotes on a website and make them specific to the industry of the company visiting it. Or seeing exactly who’s on your website and the different conversion rates for specific companies. We’ve been testing Reveal with 40+ of our customers including and - we’ve seen a faster adoption of this API then any of our previous ones by an order of magnitude. Powering Reveal is a completely unique dataset. This data covers small and big companies alike, at a coverage level that has never been seen before in the industry. There’s a tremendous amount of tech behind this - we even created a neural net that filters out ISPs. Reveal comes with out of the box support for Google Analytics. Give me a ping at if you want to try out either the API of the Google Analytics integration. Some more info on our blog too -
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@maccaw this is brilliant. What is the estimated success rate of identifying a visitor's company? And percentages of false positives? Are you attempting to correlate home ISP NAT addresses to users who work at a particular business?
@mbrevoort In our tests across Slacks, Zendesk and Segment's sites we've been able to identify anything from 12% to 40% of the traffic - it depends on how much business vs consumer traffic your site gets, so it does range. What I can tell you though is that the industry average for coverage is more like 3%. As for false positives, we've been working with our partners to compare the data with any session data they have. As with any data solution it's never going to be 100% accurate, but we can get close! Yup, one of the things we also do is try and correlate home ISP NAT addresses to companies.
@maccaw @clearbit Nice work. You folks continue to amaze me with your execution. I'm a happy Clearbit customer (and an investor). Cheers.
@maccaw @clearbit you missed such a pun there! "and we're super excited to be REVEALING it up to the world."
@maccaw @clearbit Awesome cadence! Taking over the world!
This is the API I've been waiting for from Clearbit. Love how this company keeps launching new awesome APIs that we can all use to improve our user experiences as well as increase conversions. If you are doing A/B testing on your website or want more data on website visitors, you should use Clearbit Reveal ASAP.
We used this at Segment to understand which high-value leads have been visiting our website without signing up. We then do Ads + email outreach. Incredible! Now we're working on a way to use this data to do on-the-fly website personalization (change CTAs and other homePage elements based on Clearbit Data). Looks super promising!
wow, great stuff @maccaw! are folks using this for data gathering -> site customization or are they doing site customization on the fly?
@smaltery hey Walter - great Q! You can do both - the GA plugin gives you the instant insights to make optimization decisions (and a lot more) and the API layer enables integration for dynamic site content based on the company profile of the visitor!
Congrats on the launch Alex, Amit, + Co! I'm curious - How are you thinking about the sequencing of your launches?