Clearbit Reports

A beautiful, free data breakdown of your customers

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Nick Persico
@nickpersico · Head of Growth at Close.io
This is awesome. Bravo @maccaw and team. It'll be interesting to put your customer base through this tool to help with outbound campaign targeting. Idea kudos to @philfreo.
Alex MacCaw
@maccaw · Founder of Clearbit
Excited to show off the latest addition to the Clearbit suite. Reports provide a fast and easy way to enrich and analyze a CSV list of emails or domains. Just upload your file, we'll enrich the data and show you a beautiful breakdown of key trends we've found in your data set. i.e. company sizes, locations, job roles and seniority. One of the coolest use … See more
Nick Frost
@thinker · Newsletter Editor/Marketing @ Mattermark
@maccaw congrats on launching this. What's the pricing model?